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Do You Have a Property to Sell?

As we have stated before, we have been trading for over thirty years.

We talk to our clients and listen to their needs and slightly adjust

our business practices to be able to offer the best service possible.

In an industry such as ours, it's really important that the business continues to grow organically.

We are now in a position to be able to offer our clients the facility for 

'The House Clearance Company' to purchase their property.


All too often, when we are clearing a property we come across clients that are dealing 

with the emotive decision to place their loved one into a care home and other related

problems such as the granting of the power of attorney which may lead to the sale of

the loved ones home. All this can add a lot of pressure which is where we could help.


Another situation, which is all too common is dealing with a bereavement. 

A traumatic time with so many difficult situations to deal with.

Not least the sale of the deceased home which is where we could help.


The property for sale:

Although, we would considered every property that is offered to us, primarily, 

we are looking to purchase properties that are run down and dated. 

Maybe require new a kitchen, bathroom, heating, plumbing, electrical work, minor repairs etc..


The next stages:

The next stage would be to contact us by telephone or email to arrange a house clearance. 

Whilst clearing the property we could inspect the building and discuss the matter further.

If this is satisfactory, an offer will be made in writing for the freehold possession of the property.

If the offer is acceptable to you, we will instruct reports from our solicitors and surveyors.  

The offer will be subject to satisfactory reports from both.

We are self funding which means we can lodge the purchase funds with our solicitors 

immediately to complete the exchange of contracts and purchase.



If you feel you could make use of the facility and would like to discuss the matter further

please telephone 0333 444 4024 or fill out the email box below.